Certified Real Estate Broker

Originally from the Eastern Townships, Marie-Piers was literally raised in the field of real estate, having grown up in a family of large-scale contractors and real estate developers. With some regret but with a lot of determination, she left home to pursue studies in Hotel Management in Montréal. Upon graduation, she began a career organizing trade shows and conventions in glamorous resorts for more than four years. From there, Marie-Piers embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, owning and operating one of Montréal’s first franchises of Canada’s largest coffee retailer.

She proceeded to take on a new challenge by accepting a leadership position in the textile industry. Equipped with this extensive professional success, Marie-Piers returned home to the Eastern Townships, this time to offer her family the gift of the exceptional quality of life that the region offers. Once established, she returned to her first passion of real estate by becoming closely involved with two high-end development project. Marie-Piers Barsalou has established a reputation of following her clients in every step of their purchase or selling process. She offers full-quality, customized service, be it in new construction, cottages, lakefront and slope side residences, estates and high-end homes or guiding you with the purchase of land for your future dream home.

Marie-Piers has seen numerous projects through for her clients, accompanying them with passion and understanding as they live out their real estate dreams and adventures. Her family roots stretch as wide as they do deep stemming from both North America and Europe. This combination serves her well, making her at ease in dealing with the requirements of clients originating from these two continents. Marie-Piers is fluent in French and English and has good knowledge of Italian.

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Real Estate Broker

After spending just minutes with Johanne Meunier, it’s easy to understand the reason for her longstanding professional success. She has that enviable quality so prized by those working in a field involving human relations: she immediately gains your trust. She attributes her quiet strenght to growing up with a mother who ran a business in the Eastern Townships, allowing her to realize early on that she wanted to work in sales and giving her the confidence to study business administration, law and psychology before choosing to work in real estate.

Johanne quickly mastered all of the aspects of this profession about which she is so passionate.”It’s in my blood”, she says, and her track record speaks for itself: real estate projects, industrial and commercial real estate sales and, now, selling homes and property at Sotheby’s.Known for her credibility – and as a member of a team whose synergy inspires her – she successfully brings her projects to term through her ability to listen, her availability and her attention to detail. Calmly and with a big smile…Quiet strength.

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Residential Real Estate Broker

When she was invited to join the Sotheby’s International Realty Québec team, Paule realized that this was her opportunity to make a dream come true using her achievements as a highly productive manager in the field of telecommunications. She seems predestined for the real estate sector with her keen sense of human relations and customer service, ability to listen and respect for others…all of which enable her to establish quality, lasting, win-win relations with her clients.  Not to mention the passion for unique properties she shares with her colleagues Marie-Piers Barsalou and Johanne Meunier.

In addition to her excellent judgement and good taste, Paule is able to put her intuition to work to identify her customers’ real needs, with the professionalism that has always been her trademark.

A long-standing Eastern Townships resident, she calls the region home. Her far-reaching knowledge of its real estate market makes her the perfect choice for effectively and discreetly accompanying and supporting her customers in their investment choices.

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Residential and commercial Real Estate Broker

Simon-Pierre Veillette knows the virtues of a structured work style firsthand. Experience has shown him that success absolutely depends on it. He also has an innate ability to create warm, friendly ties, and it is not surprising that he chose to pursue hotel management at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec. For more than a decade, he honed his customer service techniques in this arena and gave rein to one of the things he loves most in life: meeting people and listening to their needs.

Simon-Pierre has been albe to transpose these essential qualities seamlessly into his work as a real estate agent, attributing his progressive career move to the fact that he has always been drawn to this field.

After a number of very successful years in this sector, Sotheby’s International Realty offered this enthusiastic, determined young man the oppotunity to achieve his professional goals.”It would have been hard to refuse an offer from such an inspiring firm. It came at exactly the right time in my career, and I humbly believe that I can make a significant contribution to our team’s success through my unwavering focus on offering our customers top-notch service. I feel privileged to share my daily activities with such devoted colleagues, who love making things happen as much as I do. I adore my job.”

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Thank you for caring!

From the very start of the process to the final closing everything was so easy and comfortable. Thank you for making what can be a very stressful process so simple and enjoyable

– Carole and Bernard

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